C. Schön GmbH was founded in Vienna in January 1994. our primary business involves the distribution of high quality and innovative envelope feeders for offset printing presses.

We Started “JustFeed ®”, our patented, mechanically operated envelope feeding systems, which is now supported by thousands of printing companies, all over the world that are involved with envelope printing. However, because of the specialization in the printing business and its changing technology we discontinued the production of “JustFeed ®’ machines in 2009.

Our focus now is on the distribution of high quality electrical feeders from PGF BVBA. If envelope printing is your expertise, we can provide you with the PGF Compact Feeder or the PGF Maxifeeder which are envelope feeders that can satisfy your every wish. Quick changeovers, suitable for all printing presses in A3 size, industrial production and the use of high quality materials helps to guarantee reliability, speed and outstanding performance. Customized solutions can also be tailored to meet your individual needs.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you to resolve your problems regarding envelope printing.

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